GorillaLine’s Retractable Clothesline Is Made for Small Laundry Rooms

2023-01-13 01:10:09 By : Mr. jeff Chong

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GorillaLine’s Retractable Clothesline Is Made for Small Laundry Rooms

Doing laundry is, well, a pain. From separating by color to deciding which garments need to be placed in mesh bags to finally folding each item, cleaning your clothes and linens is a huge hassle. Not to mention the horror of completing the laundry process only to find your favorite linen pants or silk slip shrunk in the dryer. But one laundry hack that makes separating delicates easier is this retractable clothesline that’s designed for small spaces and busy households. 

The GorillaLine Retractable Clothesline is an Amazon best-seller with more than 2,300 five-star ratings from shoppers. The clothesline system has a wall-mounted base that’s a little larger than the palm of your hand with a matching hook you can place on an opposite wall to attach the line. It reaches up to 13.9 feet, providing plenty of space to hang several garments at once (up to 40 pounds to be exact) with hangers or clothespins. The best part? It locks in place to avoid sagging the line, and it retracts with a simple push of a button. 

A clothesline may seem like a 1950s-esque thing of the past, but this wall-mount option allows you to hang-dry more clothing, while taking up less space than a foldable drying rack. Plus, it won’t disturb your decor like a rack stored in the corner or hanging off your wall. And it’s easy to install on drywall, wood studs, posts, tile, and even trees (if you want to use the line outdoors) with an electric drill. 

Several reviewers have praised the GorillaLine clothesline for being sturdy, easy to use, and efficient in small spaces and outdoors. One shopper said it was the “perfect solution” for their small space. “My wife tested right away with wet towels on the line,” another customer wrote. “Worked like a charm. It held up to the weight and barely sagged.”

GorillaLine’s Retractable Clothesline Is Made for Small Laundry Rooms

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